Saved list cloth


100% woolen cloth with white undyed saved lists. Exactly the same was used by american indians during 18th and 19th century. The edges were sewn into linen cloth to preven dyeing during the dyeing process. Selvages had a bit different structure of weaving, due to the weaving technology, usualy were coarser. White taylors cut the selvages off and discarded them. Saving the selvages from dyeing was made because of sparing the dye, which was very expencive.

Natives loved the effect of white edges and required it namely. They placed the white edges on most visible part of their products. Some tribes believed, that the white edges have supernatural power.

Our saved list cloth is most likely the best and most accurate reproduction on the market. Made of 100% woolen cloth, with exactly the same technology, as originals. The dimensions are 100 x 150 cm or 39″ x 59″. You can choose from scarlet and navy blue colors.


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