Plains indians wars era necklace with beaded pendant


Beaded Northern / Central Plains necklace from indian wars era. The design is based on few old surviving originals. The thong length is 70 cm (27,5 “), the pendant is 9 cm long (3,5 “), including fringes, the beaded part is 4 cm long (1,6 “). The necklace is available in three different colors.

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The necklace is designed on basis of few old surviving original pieces from the 2nd half of 19th century. It was used maily by such tribes as Crows, Blackfeet, Assiniboins, Lakotas, Cree and others. It was worn by both, men and women.

It is all made of brain tanned deerhide and decorated with old beads. The thong is made of two separate and twisted strings, the same way, as one can see on old originals. The pendant is made of coiled piece of brain tanned leather, wrapped with old beads and then cut to fringes. Very light patina added.

Three color variations are available, powder blue (with old time red), dark blue (with old yellow) and transparent green (with pink).

The design, materials and manufacturing procedures of this necklace are completely historically correct, accurate and authentic, based on deep research of old existing pieces, old indian technologies and period materials.

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Powder blue / Old red, Dark blue / Yellow, Transp. green / Pink