German tanned buckskin


These beautiful hides are the best alternative to real braintanned deerhides. Their look, feel and structure is the closets to the real braintanned hides. Our German tanned hides are lightweigth, soft and thin, with almost no holes. Perfect for making garments, like womens dresses, war shirts, leggings or anything else. Those tanned hides (leather) are a wonderful light (considered white) color and sueded on both sides. Suitable for beadwork – needles easily pass through the hide. They cost about half of the the price of real braintan.

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S-small-(80-100 dm2)-(9-11 sq.feet), M-medium-(100-120 dm2)-(11-13 sq.feet), L-large-(120-140 dm2)-(13-15 sq.feet)


White, Tan