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Hudson’s Bay point blankets

Hudson’s Bay point blankets Pile of Hudsons Bay blankets.

Wool blankets played an important role in the Indian trade, representing about 60 percent of the volume of traded European goods. They were manufactured in European factories in a wide range of sizes and weights. Points were narrow lines of woolen fiber woven into the edge of the blanket. The number of lines determined the size and weight of the blanket. The famous Hudsons Bay company introduced a distinctive design, wide stripes of alternating color, mostly one on each edge. This is how the iconic Hudson’s Bay point blankets came into existence.

Period Embroidery Beads

Period Embroidery Beads Crow lance cases.

Beads manufactured nowadays differ from those made one or two hundred years ago, particulary in colour shades and shape. Old beads were all of European origin and made of glass. The articless discusses history of seed and pony beads and differences between historic and modern beads colours and shapes. It contains images of many Plains Indians pre-reservation items and list of the most widespread 19th century bead colours.