I am Lukas Navratil and I am offering for sale, braintanned hides and pre-reservation period reproduction of central and northern Plains Native American artwork. 

My specialities are Knife sheaths, Quivers, War Shirts, Leggings, Tomahawks, Headdresses, Pipe bags and more……

My Focus is on the Lakota, Crow, Blackfoot, Cheyenne, Upper Missouri Tribes of the Period 1830-1880.

High historical and technological accuracy with well balanced designs are adhered to. All manufacturing procedures and materials are as authentic as possible.

 I use brain tanned hides, period beads ( both antique and contemporary reproductions), porcupine quills using old time colours, genuine sinew used for quillwork, beadwork and general sewing together. 

Old woolen cloth is hand dyed to achieve the correct colour. I do not usually copy 100% from the originals, but I respect tribal and period patterns. But may undertake making a near copy.